About Borough Wines

Borough Wines Imports is the wholesale arm of award–winning wine, beer and spirits company Borough Wines. We supply the on–trade and independent retail sectors with wine sourced directly from small, dynamic producers worldwide – as bottles and within our pioneering wine on tap draught system.

As part of the Borough Wines business, we enjoy a unique position in the market; the commercial nous and reputation of a successful, proudly independent high street retailer, alongside the buying–power and supply network of an importer and distributor. For our customers this means – unrivalled market expertise, a fantastic, constantly evolving range and reliable logistics and day–to–day support.

Trade Wine List

We source bottles from around the world for our trade list – in most instances going direct to producers to secure the best wines and the best margins.

Our list is informed by everything we have learnt about how and why people buy wine, since our first day selling bottles on the market 15 years’ ago. It is also updated regularly – reflecting key trends and changing tastes.

You’ll find classic regions and big name styles, alongside a few lesser–known gems and adventurous styles. Many wines are Organic, Biodynamic, or made using low–intervention wine making methods. Every wine on the list comes from a producer we know well, whose skill we admire and production methods we trust.

To request a copy of our up to date on–trade wine list, please get in touch.

Wine on Tap

Borough Wines launched its pioneering and popular Straight from the Barrel wine refill system in 2002. We put high quality wine in specially–made chilled barrel units, so customers could top-up refillable bottles from the tap in store, returning again and again to refill.

By removing packaging and marketing costs, reducing transport requirements and importing directly from producers – we could ensure the quality of this wine remained high, while keeping costs down. These savings were passed on to customers, who also enjoyed the environmental benefits of the system.

Inspired by the success of Straight from the Barrel, Borough Wines developed a wine draught system for fast–paced service environments, using 24l kegs (equivalent to 32 bottles) to keep wine in optimum condition and still fresh up to two months after opening. Compact and adaptable, this system can be installed within existing draught set–ups, or as a small counter–top dispenser.

The benefits of serving wine in this way are significant:

Good for customers:

  • Flexibility – buy by the glass, carafe or bottle
  • Better value – a higher class of Pinot per pound
  • Consistent high quality

Good for business:

  • Bigger margins
  • Speeds up service
  • Easy to use
  • Time and space efficient

Good for the environment:

  • Less product waste
  • Less packaging (plus kegs are 100% recyclable)
  • Fewer transport requirements

For shops and delis

The pioneering Straight from the Barrel refill system is available as part of the Borough Wines Corners, for independent retailers, delis and farm shops. It is installed as a chilled, three-20l keg system, along with branded refillable wine bottles.

In a retail environment, the system is a compelling point of difference; it is a great way to drive footfall, inspire loyalty and build brand recognition, not to mention compete with the supermarket two doors down.

Install the Straight from the Barrel system and join a network of refill points nationwide, as part of a growing green retail movement.

Where does the wine come from?

The wine in our kegs comes from the same producers who make the wines you will find on our list and on the shelves in all Borough Wines shops.

We buy it in bulk and keg it directly, which means we can vouch for its quality and provenance, while pricing it competitively and ensuring it’s kept in optimum condition.

Borough Wines Corners

Borough Wines has over 15 years’ experience on the retail front line. Over that time, we have developed unique insights into the market, its trends and demands. In short – we know what it takes to make a profit in the bottle business.

We used these market insights to develop the Borough Wines Corners – a complete wine retail package for independent shops and delis, incorporating a bespoke wine selection and the Straight from the Barrel refill system.

This tailored, full-service package gives non–specialist retailers access to the expertise of a specialist wine shop, the impact of working with a well–known name and the support network of an established distributor.

Our Producers

We source our wines from across Europe and the New World, dealing directly with producers to secure the best wines and the best margins.

The selection is incredibly diverse, incorporating classic regions and popular styles, alongside a few more adventurous options, with a high proportion of Organic, Biodynamic and low–intervention wines. Our focus is on delivering the best value at every price point – whether it’s a pocket–friendly weeknight wonder, or a push–the–boat–out bubbly.

Many of the wines on our list are exclusives, from smaller, family–run operations that you wouldn’t otherwise find in the UK on–trade.

Thanks to our long–standing producer relationships, we have also been able to develop a range of exclusive own–label wines in different regions around the world. Created just for us, these wines offer fantastic quality and value.

The Team

Muriel Chatel and Corinna Pyke are the Directors of Borough Wines and Borough Wines Imports.
Muriel started Borough Wines in 2002, as a stall on London’s Borough Market. It was originally a platform for the wines made by her friends and family, but soon included bottles from similar small producers around the world, many otherwise unavailable to UK wine drinkers.

Corinna joined Borough Wines in 2002, as the first bricks and mortar shop opened in Hackney, East London. Her background – in arts and music marketing – informed the company’s branding and communication, setting it apart for its innovative, community–focused approach.

Since then, the pair have secured the company’s growth from market stall, to award–winning wine, beer and spirits company, with eight shops, thriving ecommerce arm and successful wholesale business.

Kent Barker is Borough Wines’ Commercial Director. With over 20 years’ experience in the wine trade, he has got an in–depth knowledge of the industry. A keen cyclist, mountaineer and runner, he’s a big fan of Rhône reds, Californian whites and a firm believer in the power of by–the–glass to transform wine sales.

Laurene Amiet is our roving Wine Buyer. She is based in Bordeaux, but travels extensively across Europe and the New World, to meet with winemakers on the ground – checking in with our longstanding suppliers, meeting producers and trying new wines. Borough Wines Imports customers can arrange face–to–face briefings, tastings and training with Laurene during her bimonthly visits to the UK.

Get in Touch

For more information about Borough Wines Imports, please email us at wholesale@boroughwines.co.uk or call us directly on 020 8532 8588.

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